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The problems, in the order that the website deals with them, are set out below.  Click on any subject to get directly to the page.

1. St.Augustine's Method for Knowledge of God 

St.Augustine's own definition of the method for knowledge of God is discussed.

The topics covered are:-

The Meaning of Knowledge
The Problems of Knowledge Theory
St.Augustine's Explanation of Knowledge
The Inner Sense of Truth

2. The Inner Light

The page discusses how experience is processed within the human intellect to produce knowledge.

The topics covered are:

The Mind and Experience
Knowledge and Reality
The Requisitioning of New Ideas
The Inner Light as the Teacher

3. The Teaching System of God

The page shows how the Holy Spirit, as the Teacher, imparts knowledge.

The topics covered are:-

The World as the Teaching System
The Problem Solving System
Transforming the Problem into its Solution
The Source of Knowledge

4. Discovering God

The theory of intellectual illumination is further developed to show how God reveals knowledge of Himself, through the teaching of the Holy Spirit.

The topics covered are:-

How God may be Known
The Moral Problem of the Human Situation
The Creation of the Cosmos
The Theory of Life
Absolute Truth and Knowledge

5. The Psychology of Knowledge

The concept of intellectual illumination is shown to account for all human knowledge, and a Theory of the Intellect is offered.

The topics covered are:-

The Development of the Intellect
Models of Reality
Philosophy and the Self
The Rational Intellect
The Light of Reason

6. Augustinian Knowledge Theory

Augustinian knowledge methodology is summarised to show that it accounts for human knowledge of both God and the Creation.

The topics covered are:-

The Methodology of Knowledge
The Fundamental Theory
The System of Rational Scientific Knowledge
The World as a Development System
The Epistemological Development of Knowledge


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